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Jakson Dynamic Duo

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The Dynamic Duo is brilliant fun, tandem paddling on whitewater or taking inexperienced friends along for the ride.

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Jackson Dynamic Duo


Good things come in 2’s: The Dynamic Duo is a movement, a team sport, and makes paddling with your inexperienced friends and family easy and fun.


12’ of stability, speed, comfort, and fun in a two person package. Based on the Hero series, the wide flat hull makes staying right side up a breeze. Paddlers can expect to enjoy water up to one class less than they are comfortable in if they are intermediate or experts, and up to two classes harder if they are beginners.

The Paddler’s Advantage: Imagine feeling rock solid, like you can never tip over. That is what the Dynamic Duo feels like. The second paddler creates a solid feeling from side to side, and makes learning to kayak really confidence inspiring. The biggest advantage of this boat is that you can ride take your friends and family out, or ride with people on water harder than you can do solo.


•For beginners imagine all of the places you can go with a good paddler in the back! Also a great learning tool for rolling.
•For intermediate paddlers, the boat starts to become a way to increase your paddling base of friends, as well as a way to enjoy paddling in a different atmosphere, as a team.
•For Expert boaters, you can expect to run lots of hard stuff with other experts, or be the expert that offers others a chance to join you on the river!


Jackson Dynamic Duo Specs


  • Weight: 80 lbs
  • Length: 12' 1"
  • Width: 26.75"
  • Height: 13"
  • Volume: 142 gallons (50-50 bow-to-stern volume ratio)
  • Cockpits: bow 34 x 19 3/4; stern 36 x 20 1/2
  • Stern Cockpit: Up to 260 lbs
  • Bow Cockpit: Up 200 lbs
  • Ideal Weight Range Combined: 265-500lbs

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